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We believe that art should create interaction and emotion from the owner and viewer of the art. A FUERZA creates that like no other NFT has ever been able to. We have selected the best cyclists in the world to be a part of FUERZA. These are World Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, Grand Tour Winners, Classics Winners, ultra-endurance champions and more. Each rider creates a unique bio-metric signature in every race and training ride.


These are rare and amazing accomplishments by the best in the world.


When you buy a FUERZA, you buy a beautiful piece of art with the data as the art or embedded into the art AND you receive a license to view the actual data file that was created by the rider. Imagine seeing Mark Cavendish’s sprint power when he won his 34th stage of the Tour De France. Imagine analyzing Rohan Dennis’s world championship winning time trial. Imagine learning what it took for Peter Sagan to win a stage of the Tour De France.

More than 1000 NFT’s Coming to the FUERZA gallery.

Our team is special. Each of us brings a uniqueness, a flavor, a feel to the project. This the work of professionals at the height of their careers.  When you see a FUERZA, you'll get it.  You'll know. 


Hunter Allen

Founder / Project Manager / PowerData Geek

Facundo Kostelak

Artist (FEK) / Creative Director / Loves mate in the morning 🇦🇷

Patrick Green

Artist / Teacher / Cyclist / Diaper Changer

Nick Hand

Artist / Bike Racer / Carbon Fiber Repairman

Yvonne Lear

Operations Manager / Devoted Dog Mom 🐶

Joe Bidlow

Website / Social Media Manager / Part-Time Gardner 👨‍🌾

Ronnie Vance

Artist / Pro Downhiller / Does backflips on a bike for fun

Kyle Brubaker

Artist / Cycling fan / HUGE Batman fan

Ben Barnhardt

Artist / Bike Racer / New wave music aficionado

Access to the best in the world. FUERZA founder, Hunter Allen is well known throughout the world as the “Father” of the power training principles. He literally wrote the book on training with power.  He’s been a leader in the power analysis software world for over 20 years and has analyzed power files from thousands of champions. Hunter personally analyzed these incredible professional’s data, selected the most important views of the data and created the initial piece of artwork.

FUERZA Artists then took that data along with the story of the race, the unique style of the rider and created a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Our riders are the best. When you see the names, you will recognize them. Their data is amazing. You will be blown away by the numbers and just how many watts these riders can maintain, and learn what it takes to win a spring classic.


When you see a FUERZA, you will get it.   When you zoom in, you will discover something new.  When you have it on your phone, and you look at it every day, you will know.   When you come home and see your Fuerza on the wall on your LCD screen, you will know. 


You will know the secrets that are only privy to a select few in cycling royalty.


Your FUERZA will be more than just art. You will be able to interact with the rider's data.  The rider's effort.  You will be inspired and blown away by the numbers.   Your friends will be blown away by the numbers when you have them over to see your FUERZA. 

You will open up your phone just to see your FUERZA.  People will ask you why you are smiling.  

You are not going to want to sell your FUERZA. It's that special.

But, if you decide to, we have an easy way to re-license the data to the new owner. 




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