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How to re-sell your FUERZA

How to sell your FUERZA.

If you decide to sell your FUERZA NFT here are the steps.   Note, there is a difference between selling a FUERZA that comes WITH the bio-metric data and one that does NOT have the bio-metric data.   Please make sure to follow the correct steps for your FUERZA.

In order to sell an NFT, you will need an account on   


You will need to connect your wallet in OpenSea before you can do anything.  Do this first. 


If your FUERZA does NOT have Bio-metric data then you can sell your FUERZA on OPENSEA without any extra steps.  Just list your FUERZA for sale with your price!


First you are going to log into your account:

Next you will click on the DOWNLOADS tab. 

This will show your FUERZA NFT claimed keys. 

And then you click on the "RELEASE KEY" button. 

After you have hit the "RELEASE KEY" button, a "RELEASE KEY" agreement will show. 

Once you AGREE to the Release Key agreement the key is released, and you can list your FUERZA for sale on the OpenSea marketplace. 

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